Merch with Our Two Logos, Podcast Platforms, Available Now!!!

So we got a new logo for HEAP. Scratch that – we got TWO. I’d love for people to show their support for the show and now through Insensitive Network and REDBUBBLE, you can! We can slap the logos on just about everything.

Check out all the items for Logo 1 (Two Queens Bitching) or Logo 2 (Text, but Extra). If you want to check out the other logos and merch for the other podcasts on Insensitive Network, go to REDBUBBLE and check them out.

Where exactly can you find HEAP now? There’s a bunch of places now and more to be added (which I’ll post as soon as I have the links). Here are all the platforms you can use to listen the HEAP:

Insensitive Network will be setting podcasts on iHeartRadio, iTunes, and Google Play Music in the near future.

Don’t forget you can also tune in Fridays at 3pm on Insensitive Network for new HEAP episodes, and this week I’ll be working on HEAP’s new YouTube and Facebook pages for more updates.

Thank you so much for your support, and I look forward to reaching out again this week!

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