Where Did We Go?

On my original YouTube channel, I posted the first two episodes of HEAP. As of now those are deleted. On Spotify and Google Play Music, I have Dreadful Pennies Productions listed still, but no HEAP. So what happened?

Not to worry, folks. We just moved over to a new channel! If you haven’t listened to the third episode (my first one with Amanda), you can listen to it on YouTube or….. iTunes! That’s right, my android-centric ass finally got on Apple’s good side. The Spotify link from the last post (this one) is the correct one to use for all future episodes. Look for the logo of two queens bitching, right next to a red apple.

While I am going to post updates on this site from time to time, HEAP is going to have it’s own Facebook page ( and Instagram (@happyeverafterparty). These are the spots to go for HEAP updates, episode release notifications, and more.

We haven’t gone away, we just relocated. It would mean a lot to us if anyone who likes what we do follows along on any of the platforms for podcasts. Even if you just follow along for my goofy posts on FB and IG, it makes a difference knowing that someone out there appreciates the antics. Not only that, but I’d like for the folks who follow along to get the right info about where we are and what we’re doing.

Take care, and we’ll see you Friday fro Episode 4!

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