Quest for Plot- a brief description of an upcoming series*

On the day of their wedding, a void opens, and a hero vanishes. Sir Bold is separated from his beloved bride and squire, forced to face a horrific and strange land alone. With only his mind, body, and will to survive, Sir Bold starts a long path back home. This is a story of bravery. This is a story of true love.

This is the story that should have been told.

Unfortunately, when Sir Bold feel into the void, he did not only leave behind his bride and squire… he left the narrator behind as well.

Now the narrator, with the help of the squire, Lady Italics and her maid, need to find the underlying cause for the void and serious lack of substantial writing material.

*This new series will be quite an adventure. It will probably start as text, and eventually be narrated in a cast. Thank you for putting up with my antics and I love you all dearly!~Sam

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