Quest for Plot- a brief description of an upcoming series*

On the day of their wedding, a void opens, and a hero vanishes. Sir Bold is separated from his beloved bride and squire, forced to face a horrific and strange land alone. With only his mind, body, and will to survive, Sir Bold starts a long path back home. This is a story of bravery. This is a story of true love.

This is the story that should have been told.

Unfortunately, when Sir Bold feel into the void, he did not only leave behind his bride and squire… he left the narrator behind as well.

Now the narrator, with the help of the squire, Lady Italics and her maid, need to find the underlying cause for the void and serious lack of substantial writing material.

*This new series will be quite an adventure. It will probably start as text, and eventually be narrated in a cast. Thank you for putting up with my antics and I love you all dearly!~Sam

Where Did We Go?

On my original YouTube channel, I posted the first two episodes of HEAP. As of now those are deleted. On Spotify and Google Play Music, I have Dreadful Pennies Productions listed still, but no HEAP. So what happened?

Not to worry, folks. We just moved over to a new channel! If you haven’t listened to the third episode (my first one with Amanda), you can listen to it on YouTube or….. iTunes! That’s right, my android-centric ass finally got on Apple’s good side. The Spotify link from the last post (this one) is the correct one to use for all future episodes. Look for the logo of two queens bitching, right next to a red apple.

While I am going to post updates on this site from time to time, HEAP is going to have it’s own Facebook page ( and Instagram (@happyeverafterparty). These are the spots to go for HEAP updates, episode release notifications, and more.

We haven’t gone away, we just relocated. It would mean a lot to us if anyone who likes what we do follows along on any of the platforms for podcasts. Even if you just follow along for my goofy posts on FB and IG, it makes a difference knowing that someone out there appreciates the antics. Not only that, but I’d like for the folks who follow along to get the right info about where we are and what we’re doing.

Take care, and we’ll see you Friday fro Episode 4!

Merch with Our Two Logos, Podcast Platforms, Available Now!!!

So we got a new logo for HEAP. Scratch that – we got TWO. I’d love for people to show their support for the show and now through Insensitive Network and REDBUBBLE, you can! We can slap the logos on just about everything.

Check out all the items for Logo 1 (Two Queens Bitching) or Logo 2 (Text, but Extra). If you want to check out the other logos and merch for the other podcasts on Insensitive Network, go to REDBUBBLE and check them out.

Where exactly can you find HEAP now? There’s a bunch of places now and more to be added (which I’ll post as soon as I have the links). Here are all the platforms you can use to listen the HEAP:

Insensitive Network will be setting podcasts on iHeartRadio, iTunes, and Google Play Music in the near future.

Don’t forget you can also tune in Fridays at 3pm on Insensitive Network for new HEAP episodes, and this week I’ll be working on HEAP’s new YouTube and Facebook pages for more updates.

Thank you so much for your support, and I look forward to reaching out again this week!

HEAP’s Move to Insensitive Network- FRIDAY JANUARY 31st, 2020 at 3pm ST

Alright folks, this is it – the big news. The moment we’ve been waiting for!

Happy Ever After Party is moving to Insensitive Network this Friday. Here is the link to the show’s new home, but you can of course look it up on Spotify, iTunes, and YouTube (although there might be a slight delay in the YouTube upload. I will share as soon as possible). I am so happy to be a part of this platform and to have the opportunity to connect with you all more frequently! HEAP is also going to get it’s own page on Facebook and YouTube, which means that a lot of new content won’t be available on Dreadful Pennies. That being said, we are going to be posting updates regularly and possibly featuring another podcast here!

Stay tuned for more this week! I got nothing but good news!

Update: Available for YOUR Two Cents

Hello dears!

I’d like to first apologize for the lack of content. My best friend (the notorious Amanda) got married and had me as best maid. What an honor! I’ve also been alternating between being sick and recording audio books, Which brings to me some updates about this website.

Along with hosting HEAP, this website is now open for anyone looking for hiring me for voice over work – commercials, acting, audio book productions, you name it! depending on your needs, please visit the Audio Book Production Page or the Commercial and Acting Work Page.

Any demos for my acting can be found either by agents or through the Audio Book Production link, as well as any discourse regarding costs. Voice Acting is my full time job, and it’s my job to get your work produced with the best quality. If you’re just hear for HEAP, that’s great! Don’t forget that a little extra support will help make our podcast go a long way.

I wish all of you the best of luck, and don’t worry… you’ll be hearing from me again soon ❤


Coming Up Next: Carnival Row

While it’s going to be a little while until we get to OUAT (between work, scheduling, one of us being a bride and one of us being a maid of honor), I’m going to be taking a look at Amazon Prime’s Carnival Row. From what I’ve seen so far, I’m getting a very strong aesthetic-over-lore approach to discussing Fae and other creatures. And I am okay with that (as long as it’s still entertaining). I saw two different trailers… or at least I think I did. It’s either that or I managed to miss the poor eviscerated Fae on the side of the road…

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